The deep desire at the ministry of To Every Nation (TEN) is that those we serve will one day begin a life changing relationship with Jesus.  TEN’s desire is that each life that is touched, will not only hear but know and believe in their soul that God loves them, that Jesus gave His life for them and that He has a plan for their life.  Believing this statement is easier said than actually done for so many who come from difficult circumstances.  While each boy, girl, man or woman has their own story, TEN’s prayer is that each one will see that God can bring Hope, that He can bring good out of bad.

To Every Nation is privileged to partner with ongoing work in Peru, Mexico and Kenya.  At the present time, TEN is exploring work in other areas around the world and are praying for God’s direction in new potential areas He desires to take the ministry.  Please join TEN in praying for God’s guidance and leading.

While money can only go so far, it does take resources to expand into other areas of work and ministry.  If you would like to financially partner with TEN in this endeavor, please give here or contact our office at 214.460.6354.